Our Quality Policies

* The main objective AYDINLAR MADENCİLİK A.Ş is to provide an unconditional customer satisfaction at the highest level. 
* In the tender and private construction works; our basic principle is to produce quality, healthy, fully compliant to the project and perfect constructions, produce modern buildings and protect the environment. 
* Our building policy is firstly to prevent unhealthy building, protect the environment, create and implement projects that are compatible with nature balance and take all necessary measure in the project design and implementation stage against many external influences. 
* Ensuring the human health and safety at every stage of manufacturing and construction is our principle and duty. 
* Our innovation policy is to ensure to renew and develop the machinery, team and equipment we have with necessary maintenance and trainings and transform them into a modern structure. 
* We are willing to move our quality to the highest level by following the developments with each individual within our company to become a leading company in its field.

Quality Certificates